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A.X. Bates

The silence made me realize what I have been avoiding.

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And a little bit about how it relates to your safety on airplanes.

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Music is powerful — and it is for many reasons.

Writing is powerfuland it is for many reasons.

— another side of knowledge

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That I find to be quite… helpful?

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— as you cry me a river.

Because not everyone on here wants to make it a profession.

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— the lows are always very low

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It’s not like I don’t repeatedly get stuck in the same traps as everyone else.

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What will you choose?

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Here’s 5 motivational songs from musical theatre to lift your spirits

3 people posing onstage.
3 people posing onstage.
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A.X. Bates

Call me A.X. — creator, and aspiring writer, actor, musician, anesthesiologist… who writes anything about everything.

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